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Pedge Wadley

By: Darren Poulson

How did you get into the hobby?

I got into collecting Star Wars stuff about 15 years ago after I gave up playing semi professionally in a band as a drummer. Collecting toys, etc. wasn’t doing it for me so looked into the costume side and I was hooked. I fell in love with C3PO & R2 when I saw them on screen back in ’77 and had to own them, little did I realise I would troop them both. I have researched the 3PO costume since 1992 when TK409 (Chris Bartlett) was looking at building the suit. It wasn’t until 2012 that I took the plunge and bought the armour which was now available but then needed to be modified to suit my body size 

Whats the typical process for becoming 3PO?

Hmm, for me it was learning his voice and mannerisms and of course keeping an eye on my body weight. Bye bye beer and pies … well maybe not bye bye .. Ha Ha 

Whats the difficulties you tend to encounter

As above, for me anyway. As you get older putting on weight is easy and losing it alot harder so that’s the biggy. Vision is another once in the suit and the time in the suit you can do. I was once in it for 3.5 hours and it nearly finished me. 

How long can you last in the costume?

I can do the costume for 1.5 hours. As a rule I troop for an hour, break for half an hour, and then off out again. Just depends on the gig. 

You met Anthony Daniels recently, how was that experience?

I’ve met Anthony on several occasions but never in costume, although not for trying. I was lucky enough to be 3PO at Star Wars Celebrations in the UK few years back and kitted up to meet him but was swamped for photo ops and missed him due to his schedule. I did get my lid signed tho. He gave me the golden seal of approval, so now my 3PO feels complete.

Any tips for prospective C3PO builders?

Yes, do it. Deep pockets you will need if you are to go the full package i.e. brass, vacuum metalising, etc. but there are other options to help bring costs down. But the finished look (virgin new vacuum metalised suit) is a sight to be hold… oh I’m still upgrading collecting) 7 years on! lol.

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