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Brad Oakley

By: Rob Howdle

Droid (s): R2-BHD, R2-X2, Domes for R4 R5 and on to the 3rd droid

How long have you been apart of a Droid Building Community?

A: I first joined at the start of 2007, researching for about 6 months before buying my first parts.

What is your current build?

BHD was Full Ali, X2 was fibreglass, the extra domes were mainly Styrene. But whatever material is most suited to the job, skills and cost. 🙂

What made you want to build a droid in the first place?

I saw a remote golf bag while playing, and it got me thinking about R2-D2, I did some reading found the club and had to have a go.

What future plans do you have for your droid? Constantly upgrading? Show piece? Events droid?

I miss my droids having passed onto new owners last year. Taking them out had become too stressful. Hopefully I can get the 3rd droid done and be able to do more events.

Do you have plans to build more droids? If so which one (s)?

My 3rd droid is inspired by Poe’s X-Wing, so Orange and Grey. Ali dome is complete. I can’ decide on my preferred body and legs approach, but may well try 2-3-2 in fibreglass frame, with Q85 brushless drives. I’m also working on an egg, and potter with 3D printers and CNC machines, so not many other droids, but lots of machines.

What are some of the challenges you have faced during your build?

All of it. One job at a time, or half a dozen in parallel more realistically, lots of learning and research, practice pieces, test versions, Mk1, 2 and 3. The challenge is what made it fun, but it isnt a quick process.

Do you have a ‘proudest moment’? If so what would that be?

I have loved my time with Droids, from Celebration Europe 2 in Essen being one of the most amazing weekends of my life, to spending time in the Yavin base or the spice mines of Kessel sets. I’ve been incredibly lucky and I owe my mental health to the droids; they helped keep me going in the worst times, and gave me so many memories to be proud of and thankful for.

Are there any parts of the build process that have surprised you with how easy/ hard you found them?

I had some electronics experience, but very little real building experience. But generally things are as complicated as you make them, there are always many ways to do the same jobs, half the time it is just doing it that makes it happen, as a wise man once said, ‘there is no try’. 😀

What is the most important piece of advise you would give to any new builder?

Read, really, read lots of build logs, see others journeys, make your path easier and clearer. There have been 100s of builds blogged, and all have useful insights and their ways, it can save you a lot of pain later.