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Droid Holocron App

By: Oliver Steeples

A worldwide droid app for IOS/Android has now been released courtesy of Steele Smith and Sam Morton in the US, and is available from the following links:

IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1485790787

Android: http://ow.ly/yi7T50CkaRW

The app is aimed at anyone who has built and owns a full sized droid (any Star Wars droid will do and is not limited to R2-D2). 

The main screen shows the following and everything apart from the Events section can be used by anyone in the UK, due to the way our PLI/MOTs work these need to arranged via the UK Forum (once COVID is over).

The main sections are Meet the Builders, Meet the Droids and Droid Reference Library.  The Library shows every droid from 11-17 mining droid to the Zeta construction droid so is a great reference for when you are both at events and at home pondernig which droid to build next.

Meet the Builders takes you to a list of Worldwide droid members that can be searched by their name, this then takes you to a photo of the member, which Droid groups they belong too and with a short bio.  From there you can swipe left to see their droids, which events they have attended and another summary of which groups they belong too.  If a builder has built multiple droids then these will all show under the droids section.

The droids are also searchable from the main menu using the Meet the Droids section, but as you can imagine there are quite a few R2-D2s.

If you and your droid are interested in being included in the app please go to the following link and scrolling down to ‘Create a droidbuilders.net Account’.  This page also provides details on how to add additional droids and more details of the app.


For more details about the app then please view the following video.