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Pedge’s Fundraiser

By: Giles Redpath


We raised over £5400 so far abd hope to reach our target soon. Thank you to everyone for your support.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is an uncommon condition that affects the brain and nerves. It causes weakness that gets worse over time. There is no cure for MND, but there are treatments and adaptions to a person’s home that can help reduce the impact it has on a person’s daily life.

Someone in our Star Wars Family Paul Wadley, known as Pedge, was recently diagnosed with the MND and as his condition is progressing.  Pedge is staying positive and looking towards living and managing this condition, with help he make the necessary adaptations to his family home.

Pedge, as some of you know, is an avid costumer and could be seen as the unflappable C3PO, in his fan made costume, all around the country attending both Weddings and events in one of the most difficult costumes to wear.

Adaptions to homes come at a significant cost, while there are charities and grants available, they take time to process, are not available for everyone and there simply isn’t always enough money to help everyone.

Currently Pedge can only access the front living room of his home that he shares with his Wife and two young sons. As Pedges condition has progressed he now needs to have a stair lift installed to allow him to remain independent and continue to be part of the family. He has recently had one installed and had to pay out of his own money, with savings and pension, so we as Droid Builders, Costume Groups and Star Wars fans are coming together to help one of our own.

How else can I help? Over the next 4 Months we ask if you could possibly donate some of your time.

While the stair lift will safely enable Pedge to get upstairs to his children’s bedrooms and his much-loved hobby room. There are numerous smaller jobs that will vastly increase how much of their home Pedge can access and give him some of his independence back.

Are you are a qualified trades person? Can you help with jobs for example widening doorways to make access easier or helping with simple decorating both interior and exterior.

If you can help with any of these, please can you get in touch with Pedge directly; he is located in Ashbourne, Derbyshire on c3po.uk@gmail.com

If we can fund the stair lift and help with any modifications this will make a significant difference and remove some of obstacles that the family are facing.

Any additional funds raised will be donated to the MND Charity and going forward the DroidBuilders UK will support the charity for the next 12 Months.