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The Great Pit Droid Build

By: Giles Redpath

Oh what’s this you ask. After the success of last years amazing Pit Droid Auction for the 2020 live show charity ‘Calm’, as donated by Dave Moog of Droid Division Print Club we have decided to do it again but this time we need your help.

We have over 40 parts to print and we would like you to help print, sand and paint one or a few of these parts, we are not going for any particular colour so you can choose for the part you print (will make an interesting droid).

We will supply the stl you need and please follow the guide below for the set up, you can use any material and please send your completed parts sanded and painted to our master constructor Nik. Please send your parts to Nik by the 12th July please message Nik Harber for his address once ready to send.

How can you get on the list – please post a comment on the Facebook post on DroidbuildersUK for the part(s) you are willing to print sand and paint. Please take note these need to be to Nik by the 12th July so he can put it together. We welcome reserve printers in case any one has issues. too.

We are using Droid Divisions Files which Dave has approved for us to use, please see link here to purchase the full set – https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/738096855/spacebobs-pit-droid-inspired-movie

Instructions – Print the part in the orientation it is saved in.

Walls – Min 1.6mm 3 walls

Infill – 10% for the larger parts and 40% for the smaller bits.

Head Sam Prentice
Head Dowel Dave Moog
Lens Ring Dave Moog
Ant Plug Dave Moog
Head Detail Dave Moog
Mid Head detail Dave Moog
Antennas Dave Moog
Out Eye Dave Moog
Inner Eye Dave Moog
Tummy Mark Leigh
Torso Dave Moog
Neck Bottom James F
Back Panel Mark Leigh
Neck Top James F
Elbow Left James F
Elbow Right James F
Fingers Left  Mike Plums
Fingers Right Andrew Smith
Thumb Left Mike Plums
Thumb Right Andrew Smith
Forearm Left Dave Moog
Forearm Right Dave Moog
Shoulder Left and Right Andrew Smith
HipSean Boon
Droid MiddleMark Leigh
Upper Arm Left Steve Jones
Upper Arm Right Steve Jones
Thigh Left Jamie Fox
Thigh Right Mike Plums
Shin Left Steven Sloan
Shin Right Steven Sloan
Foot Left inc toes Mike and Luke Hart
Foot Right  inc Toes Mike and Luke Hart
SpannerGiles Redpath
HardwareNik Harber