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Bristol Builders Meet

By: James Feurtado

Firstly a massive thanks goes to Mike Berry, for making all of the arrangements, printing banners etc, sorting out a large outdoor open air area, covered with pop-up gazebos [which where needed for both the Sunshine & the rain], parking, PPE/sanitizers and food/drinks….. phew, think that was everything.

**     The clarity of the event being outside     **
wasn’t fully mentioned on the Event’s page
and so this did cause confusion for
some who didn’t attend, so for this I/we do apologise.

MikeMark T and co, had set up the above ready by the time I arrived around 9am. Because Bristol’s harborside is now a thriving area, with lots to see and do, as well as the M-Shed Museum, there are small shops and food places, the area around the Droid tent was busy with lots of passers by, with children eager to see R2D2 and friends.

Glynn T arrived with his A-LT droid(s) all the way from UP-NORTH! A very long 4hr drive each way!!!
There were a quite a few droids in attendance, most requiring MOT’s some just for advice etc. Thankfully Oliver S, was able to assist me with the MOT’ing, thanks  mate, it was much appreciated!

….unfortunately there was a few teething issues with the portal, though Darren was able to assist and sort out [much appreciated on a Sunday mate]. A big thanks also to Paul F for bringing his laptop as it was needed lol.

We also welcomed a few ‘Pit-Droids‘, some 39.1% droids a Mouse Droid and one massive, full scale, IG-11 droid (Paul S)!

Special guest appearances from  ::)
Mr Lee T,
Mr Sam P,
Mr Oliver S,
Mr Giles R

Sam brought along his A-LT droid and also ‘went live‘ via his You Tube channel, for a walk around the enclosure.

In between the MOT’ing, the weather changed from hot to wet with a few light showers, and the droids that were driving around outside on the test track would have to make a run for the covers lol. But the sunshine came back and so did the passing public.

I managed to put R5’s utility arm/trade card dispenser into action for the first time. Thanks to Giles for checking that R5 had actually dispensed a card  

Mike’s R2-XL was part of a ‘feature‘, but I can’t say more than that…..you’ll have to wait and see.

As well as re-MOT testing, we now also have a few more new droids ready for events: 

Nik Martin [R2-D2]
Nik Harber [R2-A5] 

Around 3:30/4pm the rain came down harder than before and that sealed the end of the day’s event. The few remaining helped pack droids away, barriers, signs and the gazebo’s before saying thanks again to Mike for organising and driving off into the sunset….. rain.

Not mentioned everyone, sorry, but for those who did make it, thank you for making the journey and being able to catch up with everyone was definitely needed! Big thanks again to all! :)