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WAC-MN – Adventures of a Pit Droid.

By: Giles Redpath

#PitDroidTrip #AdoptaPitDroid

Day 1 – I am going on a trip. My maker Mark Nalder has donated me for a new home. So I am off to see the world before I settle down, well the UK!

Bye Mark Thank you for creating me.

First trip in car I was excited.

Day 2 – Had fun on my first day helping in the garden but got told off for climbing the pool ladder.

Need a rest

Took some time out in the evening. Discovered the TV.

No you can’t have the TV controller

That’s my time over here, off to my next adventure.

Having a snooze and dreaming of my next adventure. 😴

Day 3 – Off to see Lee a long journey so fell asleep.

Met my hero….