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R2-D2 Sounds App by Human Cyborg Relations.

By: Lee Towersey

Michael Perl has been working on this amazing project for a year, since early 2020, creating this wonderful free App for all Droid Builders to use with their R2D2 builds to create new, unique, random sounds which are still familiar as an R2 sound.

This should work with all mobile devices and is setup to work via Bluetooth to a speaker inside your droid. We are currently working together to intergrate this system into as many other exisitng control systems as possible, hopefully with the help of the creators of each system.

The full story of the software development is available to view here YouTube Video where Michael chatted with Sam & Lee to launch the software in August 2021.

iOS and Mac (MacOS 11.0+):






Please Note: This App is not to be used for resale or commercial use without prior permission from its creator Michael Perl. This is a passion project which has been kindly gifted to the Droid Building Community by Michael who simply loves what this community is doing and is his way of showing his appreciation. If anyone at Lucasfilm would like to contact us about this project, please feel free to contact Lee Towersey or Michael Perl of humancyborgrelations.com