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Stars of time – Event Report 2021

By: James Feurtado

This year Stars of Time, film & comic con, was celebrating its 10th year running!

It was my 1st time attending, as due to family holiday’s I’ve never been able to attend. A few other South West members also attended, which meant we where going to have a great time! 😀
I also took my R0 dome & R4’s dome, as well as a few other Astromech props and my almost completed GOUD-4 messenger droid, from Solo.

I also carried out a re:MOT on Mike’s KN droid.

….Unfortunately, Paul wasn’t able to attend with R2-D2, due to work commitments; and Pedge, due to health issues. Mark L from the Northern sector was also not able to attend as well as Matt C and Simon B.

Event Report

We had arranged to meet up at 8:00/8:30am Sunday morning.
It was a clear blue sunny sky that greeted us in Weston-Super-Mare.

We unloaded the cars/vans and made our way inside to our area. The entrance we would be using was flat and led straight in off the promenade (just in front on Mike’s van). This was where we would be set up for the next two days. The floor is smooth concreate and there is also a ramp leading down to a lower level. There is a door sill leading into the adjacent room, which required a slight lifting of the centre foot, but nothing major.

Table display, banners & backdrop up

As well as the domes, we also had Mark’s wood components for his build. Body frame, legs, ankles, feet shells, booster covers and horseshoes, as can be seen in the above picture.

Here is a short 5 minute video of the droids in action.

The doors opened to the public at 10am and there was already a que for people to come in! The morning was a very busy one with lots of people asking questions as well as photos. Also fun as people were unaware that the droids actually moved :D, and jumped when they did!

Mark T was looking after R2-XL, helping people climb up and inside the super-sized droid for photo opps.

Donations were collected for
Motor Neurone Disease
raising just over £123.00

The local news channel were there and filmed interviews with the organisers, they also filmed Mikes R4 droid (green) in action, next to the Milton Keynes Star Wars wall (below).

This was Mike’s first official event driving around with his R4-KN droid. I had cleared and passed it earlier in the day as part of the UK MOT system.

Both days there were parades which were led down to the Pier direction, how far it actually went, we didn’t see :D, but we did join them on their return for a group photo opportunity outside the front of the main entrance. There were a few interactions with Daleks 😀 but we managed to avoid any intergalactic incidences.

After this, we retuned inside, to keep Mark T company.

….. the afternoon was quieting down, so we took the droids for a wander down into the rear room. There Garrick Hagon kindly obliged to a photo shoot with the droids.

As you can see, he was most taken by my R4 astromech lol.

The event finished at five PM, but most of the traders were already starting to pack up. So we also made a start on the non essential equipment. Nik & Mark, had the furthest to travel home, and due to the M4 traffic, I had to take the back way back to Bristol. Wasn’t so bad a journey though.

Another successful event with the guys, looking forward to the next one!