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Norcon 25th/26th September

By: Giles Redpath

By Wayne Allen

R2- Tk took to the road last weekend with the UK Garrison for NorCon (Norfolk Comicon) – a large 2 day indoor comicon held in the Norfolk showground.

The venue is indoor, large, well spread out and has lovely smooth painted floors ideal for Droids. We had company with Jason Harris and his stunning 3D printed collection (R2D2, MSE D8 and number other droids, as well as Jonny 5 and another shiny R2 from Norfolk Starwars Group.

R2 started running from opening at 9.30 and interaction with the crowds and stall holders was fantastic, clearly people want to be out and about – one stall holder even baked an R2D2 cake!!!. I ventured outside – not for the faint hearted as its a slope to get out the entrance and then its a fine gravel/concrete surface, but R2TK stood up to it well. R2 was running for most of the day, with a couple of breaks for lunch and to take some pictures for UKG. Doors finally closed at 5pm.

Day 2 was similar to day 1 with lots of interest and pictures. I forgot to bring the charger the night before so he had a quick squirt of juice for 30 mins before the doors opened, but again it was another active day. R2 managed to have a conversation with Kermit and Animal and had a checkout from Bunsen and Beaker. The R2 Cake from earlier was cut and eaten – nom nom!!!. We had a orchestra present in the afternoon so we had less access to the stage area but still had plenty of people visiting the UKG/Rebel Legion stand area. R2 Spent more time stationary but still head turning and causing hilarity when people were trying to work out where the controller was.

The last thing was to pose with the UK Garrison when then stood in front of the stage during the star wars section. R2 made it to the corner…. then died… At least now I know how long a Tracer Battery will last. The Jawas covered for his demise so no one noticed 🙂 Apart from going flat, nothing fell off or failed – a good weekends running.

Overall a great weekend troop with plenty of space for Droids, easy access for loading – I for one will definitely attend next year.