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Skellig Michael 2022

Skellig Michael

Back in 2015 I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks shooting on Skellig Michael. It’s such a stunning place it would be a shame never to go back so in June 2022 I plan to revisit Skellig Michael and I would like to offer the opportunity for you to join me!

Overhead shot of Luke’s Hideout

We would depart Luton Airport for Ireland on a Friday and Return on the following Monday. There will be minibus transfers to our accomodation which is the same used by the Production Team in Portmagee. We would sample a few of the local bars, including where Mark Hamill was taught to pull a pint of Guinness! We would visit the Island over the weekend giving us one free full day to explore the mainland further.

You require a reasonable amount of fitness to undertake the landing tour. This video gives you a good idea of what you can expect.

So to confirm, what’s included…….

  • Return Flight from Luton Airport
  • Transfers to and from the Airport in Ireland to your accomodation
  • Accommodation (Self Catering)
  • Boat Trip to Skellig
  • Behind the scenes insight to shooting on Skellig
  • I’m sure I can get Nik to do a Special Patch for the tour!


There will be no discount rates. There are rooms with double beds so we can accommodate couples but families would need to arrange their own accommodation.

This offer is open to Droid Builders and their families only.

Please email lee@artoo-detoo.co.uk to show your interest detailing how many tickets you may like.

You too could look this cool!

PLEASE NOTE: Weather Conditions and Cancellations
All boat tours are dependent on both the sea conditions and weather conditions. If the boat tour company need to cancel you will be given a full refund for the boat tour (approx. £100). In my three weeks of travelling on and off the Island this did not happen to me!