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MegaCON Live : March 2022

By: James Feurtado

With Birmingham being relatively central (here in England) really helps, as builders from all over the UK are able to make, (mostly) the short’ish journey to attend. I say that, but Doug traveled down from Scotland….5hrs each way!!!

(just to reassure everyone, lateral flow tests were carried out, prior to attending, for the health of others)

Saturday morning 26th:

5:30am up and out the door for the drive up, cold, clear, bright sunny morning.

Arrived in good time 7:10am. Next was driving around the whole complex to come back to the starting point, to unload 😂.The others had arrived the evening before and stayed at local hotel, so they were mostly set up, and able to help me unload.

Doors opened at 8:30am for the early birds entrance patrons. And there were a LOT of them. Behind our area was Joker Squad, with an Endor backdrop, and then the 501st with their Tantive lV display.
Was great catching up with not just the R2 Builders, but also other club members who we’ve not seen in years (since COVID).There were plenty of laughs….

Chris just can’t help getting in the pictures 😂. The event was very busy, and with other rooms containing the kidtropolis arena, Tokfest for those ‘down with the kids’ 😂 and even with the open spaces, it still seemed busy.
My new card dispenser worked well and was a big hit ☺️👍🏽 And so was the smoke system for the bad motivator…..I just need to get the pop-up working.
Costumes from the public were great.I had to ask this awesome Grogu for a picture with R2.

And how about this Luke…..

The 501st lead their parade accompanied by the other groups. See video of this and the rest of the day over on my YouTube channel .

Here are more of the day’s photos:

Waiting for the group photo with the 501st and other groups.

After everyone was back inside, the droids continued to roam the floor, accompanied by Stormtroopers and a Princess.

Time for a change, from R5 into……

R4-D4. First time with his new 3D printed Booster covers.

View from behind the table.

Doug’s 3D printed blue R2 dome, with my R5 dome 
Well D had been on his feet all day.

The droids all together.

The Princess with the Death Star plans.

Not a bad looking trio, with no red to spoil the view lol 😂

These two…… lol, how he managed to become three when there’s only two allowed 😂

Saturdays end of the show show, Droid lineup.

And then us lined up.

Saturday finished up at 6pm, there were still people milling around. The builders then gave me a hand with loading my stuff back into my car. As Darren was the most senior ranking club member, so organising us 10/10.
So that was the end of my day, but for the others, they had Sunday day 2.

Sunday 27th:

Due to reduced droid numbers, the group opted for no display table & so the freedom to be fully roaming of the event floor.

Here’s the group with the event sign. And here’s the seamlessly edited version including previous days droids 😂😂😂

A great time was had by all of us. We had all taken lateral flow tests prior to attending, some unfortunately had tested positive and had had to cancel attending. You guys were missed, but your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
Attending these events is a really positive experience, plenty of room, smooth floors, some of it had ‘carpet’, and lots of event guests to entertain lol.
Sometimes though you just need that one photo position that is asking for trouble 😂😂😂….. case in point, I had knelt down to get a picture, and was then harassed by a droid 😂😂😂

😂😂 no person was harmed in the taking of this picture 😂😂😂.