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Celebration Europe 2023

Last edit 11th October (email will be sent end of Oct)

Following the success of Celebration 2022 in Anaheim it’s now back to Europe for Celebration 2023 in London at Excel (same venue as 2016) from Friday 7th-Mon 10th April. This is only 9 months away so will be a bit of a rush to get everything ready and the planning has already started.

Here are the droids from Celebration Anaheim to give a rough idea of what they had, no pressure 🙂

Brief FAQ:

  • Everyone will need to buy tickets for the event, this is the same as the US.
  • Anyone bringing a droid and voluntering for shifts on the Droidbuilders area (2+ shifts at the moment) will get early entry to the venue rather than having to queue with the general public.
  • Early entry passes will be provided to people with droids as the priority, we cannot guarantee these passes to helpers without droids even if they volunteer for shifts. This may change as time progresses.
  • Setup will be on Thu 6th and teardown will be Mon 10th after the event closes. Currently is unknown about bringing a droid in on the 7th as all setup should be on the Thu.
  • Any Star Wars droids are welcome, from Lola to R1’s to giant R2s.
  • WIP (Work In Progress) droids are welcome to show the droid building journey, however we may need to cap WIP depending on allocated space.
  • We will ask for a main droid area as well as an area for racing droids. For Celebration 2016 we asked for both, but were only provided space for the main area and not the racetrack.
  • For the UK guys you will need an active MOT for any RC droid planning to drive around the venue for safety, there are various events where this can be done, or arranged via your local MOT officer. DBUK in Aug 2022 is a perfect opportunity to arrange this and the coverage will continue until Aug 2023 so will be valid for Celebration Europe. Any static droids left at the stand will need a basic safety check.
  • For the Europeans we will do a basic safety check of droids when they arrive such as no sharp edges and not dangerous
  • All biped robots such as Battle Droids, IG11/IG88 will need checking for stability; last thing we need in one of them falling over and hitting a child. If you do have a stand, or able to secure the droid to a base it would be appreciated.

    As of 1st July all weekend passes and Sat are sold out. If you still want to attend then let us know via the email address below, and we can add you to the list. Hopefully we can negotiate the purchase of extra weekend tickets with Reed, however timescales on this are unknown.
    In the meantime I recommend booking a hotel/AirBnB with free cancellation.

Hotels/Congestion Charge/ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone)

As soon as Celebration London was announced all the hotels around Excel sold out so the only ones available are a short taxi/Uber/DLR ride away. Getting a hotel is the priority, however I recommend looking at AirBNB with friends as this is probably the cheapest option.

Excel is outside the congestion charge area, however is in the ULEZ zone so there is a daily charge:
However by driving in on Thu, parking your car/van at Excel and paying the daily parking charge and leaving Mon you will only have to pay this twice and not every day unless you are driving daily. You still need to pay the daily Excel parking charges however. Some AirBnB have free parking spaces so factor this into your booking/travelling.


In order to get a space we need to know the rough number of droids attending as this forms part of the contract with the Droidbuilders and Reed, so this is the first step.

If you want to attend Celebration with droids then please send an email to london23@droidbuilders.uk with the following details:

Your name and any family members attending with you

Droids you are bringing and if they are mobile/static, are they finished or a WIP?

Due to the numbers of emails don’t expect a reply, within 3 days your name should be added to the list below.

NOTE: The CE signup on the portal is to show the event is that weekend and UK people can sign-up there if they like, however the official sign-up is by the email address above. We are capturing email addresses so once we know more, mass emails can be sent out so that everyone is kept updated at the same time.


Given that we have 9 months of planning if you have any props that can be used on the Droidbuilders area such as Jawas/Ewoks (2023 is the 40th anniversary of RoTJ), pop-ups or banners then please let us know. Likewise if anyone has any spare parts these can be used for a general ‘junkyard’ area display for droids.

Lastly if anyone wants to volunteer to help organise the Droidbuilders for Celebration 2023 then please email us and can be added to the list.

SIGN-UPs (Interest list, not final)

Current interest list of people/droid attending. This isn’t final and is subject to change, will be updated every few days.

Oliver Steeples
Giles Redpath
Luke Hart
Darren Poulson
Paul Stidson
Loz Bevan
Anthony Tester
Doug Inman
Richie Gilbert
Yorick Kyndt
Amanda De Clercq
Ellen De Clercq
George Aldridge (helper)
Mark Tadgell
Paul Felski
Chris Carpenter
Jamie Cox
Roel Veldhuyen
Mark Leigh
Stephen Griffiths
Tom Powell
Steven Sloan
Justin Andrews
Chris Williams
Fred Hennequez
John Gowan
Niall Seymour
James Feurtado
Lee Towersey
Michael Janes
Alistair Macdonald
Emma Tysoe (helper)
Jason Harris
Dave Moog
Steve Baudains
Mike Baddeley
Marine Domarchi (helper)
Matthew Cook
Michel Michielsen
Martine Michielsen
Marnick Michielsen
Maxou Michielsen
Ian Yates
Matthew Goodlife
Simon Battell
Laurent Devendeville
Arnd Reidel
Charel van Hoof
Andrew Whiteley
Adam Egginton
JD Parr
Stuart Winstanley
Nik Harber
Ellie Rivett
Mike Berry
Chris Jones

Martin Eyre

Chris Chappell

Chris Osbourne
Nik Martin
Andrew Smith
Glynn Turner
Chris Lee
Felix Bayer
Jim McCann
Jason George
Roel Veldhuyzen
Michael Perl
Mark Stafford
Joe Joacim
Mike Steckel
Jonathan Dawson
Jim Calvert
Jason George
Bob Himebaugh

Ralf Mensing
Colin Arber

Guibert Mathieu

Updates will be made as they come in on this post