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Event Report: M-shed Bristol: 3rd July 2022

By: James Feurtado

What a day!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Thanks to everyone who came along, passed by and popped in to see the Droids and being so generous with donations towards supporting Motor Neurone Disease association charity.

More on the total raised at the end of the post.

Sunday 3rd July 2022

7:30am arrival to unload Droids & to finish helping get everything ready. Extra banner’s out, gazebo out (two spots of rain all day), but helped, as Mr Sunshine came out and stayed out. So shade for the MK Garrison’s stormtroopers, Jawa’s & Hera Syndulla 🤩 patrolling outside.

Fellow club members started arriving soon after.

The sliding main shed door was already open before 10am and passing people started to come in lol. Should of had Paul’s portable barriers across.

The ‘shed’ itself was kindly offered to us to use. The flooring is in pretty good condition for its age and use. The droids didn’t have any problems driving around.

Bristol’s harbour side/waterfront has grown over the years and is a busy but not crowded area for walks around the ‘basin’. The Mathew and the SS Great Britain being just two of the famous attractions. The area has also seen new housing and food places. Other water activities take place, so the area is very popular and the passing soon found another attraction……Droids!

R2-XL drew lots of attention and photos and donations for the charity. Mark T was busy ALL day, helping kids, adults and even a dog??? into R2-XL.

PodPad Studios arrived with there three droids, Emmy, Zoe and Steampunk Astromech’s.

TRamp arrived with his two mini Astromech’s R2-KT & R2-D2, as well as his selection of prop weapons.

Giles R. arrived with the Bespin display, to add to the Tatooine backdrop.

Oliver S. brought down R2-KT.

We had Pit droids, B1 battle droid, K-2SO, and more, plus all the Astromech’s.

But Nik H’s L0-LA droid, stole everyone’s attention and hearts.

6 Droid MOT’s renewals, were carr out, so cover for another years PLI.

Big thanks to Helen & Sara for collecting, helping, and general fun 🤩.

We had two photographers on site, one being Mike B’s brother, check out his videos he created for our Bristol Gallery shopping centre and also the advertising video for this event.

Event video coming soon……

James F had a surprise visit by his Brother and niece ☺️ 

Then had another surprise, his eldest daughter (& boyfriend 😎) turning up ☺️. He’d heard about R5, but hadn’t actually got to see him properly in person at an event ☺️.

Lots more familiar faces all wanting to say hi……to R5 😂

The weather warmed up a lot come the afternoon and even more people took an interest in what was going on.

Matt from Fantatracks dropped by 😎

Matt & Oliver.

Other members who made the journey from up and down the country, Amanda, Marine, Emma, Chris, Matt, Nik, Jamie, Oliver, Giles, Nik, Steve plus a few more lol

All bringing something to add to a great day! These people and others MAKE this club what it is and what it’s capable of achieving. Thanks all.

Right, more photos….

Group Droid’s photo

And group photo of Droids and their builders.

Final notes:

Sunday was two top guy’s birthday’s, Lee T & Glynn’s. Wishing them Happy Birthdays, unfortunately they weren’t able to attend.

There was only one fan who turned up for the LEE.T club 😂


Mike counted up the collection and the grand total was GBP £723.75