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R2 Builders Announcement

By: Darren Poulson

In 2009 the UK R2D2 Builders Club was founded and it has gone from strength to strength, and still continues to provide happiness to both members of the public and builders themselves.

A few years ago a decision was made to be more inclusive due to the numbers of BB-8s, MSE and other Star Wars droids being made, especially during COVID and the large amount of lockdown droids.

From the above Droidbuilders UK was founded as an umbrella for the UK R2 Builders Club and we now attend events under this banner as it also allows us to showcase other droids.

However we have a good identity as R2 Builders and we don’t want to lose that, especially given that the majority of events want an R2, not other droids.

Due to issues we no longer have admin/approval access for the old forum so are moving to a new website where we have full control: https://astromech.uk
We recommend grabbing any good info from the old site before it goes away.

We’re working on ideas to let people update their club gear without having to buy new, and also new gear ready for Celebration next year.

New banners are being worked on for Celebration with the new web address.

To request attendance at events, you can email events@astromech.uk or events@droidbuilders.uk

So when talking to people, feel free to use either astromech.uk or droidbuilders.uk, depending on what they’re interested in.