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Sci-Fi Scarborough

By: Jim McCann

One of my favourite events of the year. Partly because it’s my home town event so travel is nice ad easy, partly because it’s the event I first met up with R2 Builders and decided to build my own droid but mostly just because it’s a fab event.

Droids and builders were a little thin on the ground but there was a little event called Celebration at the Excel centre just 2 weeks prior and many were still reeling from that.

As always Sci-Fi Scarborough was well organised and the event staff friendly and welcoming. After making the arduous 15 minute drive to the venue we were shown to what is becoming our “regular” spot in the Scarborough Spa, the grand Victorian venue right on the sea front.

It was great to meet up on the Saturday with the rest of the builders, some we hadn’t seen for 2 weeks 😉 others a little longer. The public as always were fascinated, a pleasure to talk to, and no one tried to put out any cigarettes on droids (see last years report). There was a little bullying going on from one of the 39.1% droids towards the Mini R2 but everyone remained friends at the end, the 39.1% droid in question, driven by Julian, spent a lot of the event chasing children and bothering anyone with ankles (even the artificial ones painted up in an R2 design!!)

Sadly the ESC in my R2 had given up the ghost (through no fault of my own) so he was just going to be a static droid for the event. Fortunately the mouse droid was on good form on the Saturday and kept everybody entertained (mostly the 12 year old driver (Alex)) and enjoyed the odd trip round the venue, until the ESC blew up (this one might have possibly been my fault) fortunately it was at the end of the day and a quick rebuild on Saturday evening before the builders meal would make him ready for action again on Sunday.

Curry again for the Saturday meal where we were joined by one of the comic book artists, more banter and a couple of beers and an excellent evening was had by all.

Sunday was a little slower in terms of footfall from the public so the morning was spent putting a new 39.1% droid together for a bit of a change ready for the afternoon, sadly the ESC caught fire and wasn’t useful after that (this one was definitely my fault!)

Now Alex is not usually bothered by pics with the celebs, as far as he’s concerned R2 is the biggest there is and everyone else is secondary, however, Danny John Jules made a surprise late attendance and as this is his sister’s favourite actor and she wasn’t there he took the opportunity to try and annoy her.

A quick breakdown at the end of the day we said our goodbyes and off we went our separate ways, a great weekend was had and already looking forward to the next one.