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DBUK 2020

In 2018 the UK R2 Builders Group hosted R2UK near Peterborough as an event ‘by R2 Builders, for R2 Builders’, including multiple talks and events such as droid races.

A year later in 2019 a second event was held in Shropshire with the same format and expanded content.

From feedback received and looking at other droid groups we have decided to broaden R2UK for 2020 and expand it to include any droids from the Star Wars universe, from Astromechs to BB units and beyond. This will allow us to showcase other droid builds and have additional content such as the 39.1% egg cup race.

Going forward R2UK will be called DBUK (DroidBuilders UK) and will encourage builders from the BB8 Builders Group, 39.1%’ers, T3 Builders along with 3D printed Battle droids/Pit droids and anything else Star Wars droid related to be in one place all at the same time.

By expanding beyond Astromechs this will allow us to have a more varied content including different talks and different approaches to building, however it will not mean that there is any less R2 related content.

2020 will be something different and is now an online event. More details to follow.

A Weekend full of droid related entertainment for droid builders with Talks, Demonstr

ations, Limited Edition Merchandise, Food, Drink & Droids Galore!

2024 event please follow – https://droidbuilders.uk/2023/08/26/its-back-dbuk-2024/

R2UK 2019

Organised for Builders by Builders.